​Step 1: Set up your MetaMask wallet:

Download a wallet that interacts with smart contracts.
For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll use MetaMask’s browser extension as our wallet.

Metamask can be installed as a browser extension for Firefox or Chrome.
For mobile users, there’s a free app available in both the apple and android stores.

Navigate to the official metamask website, download and add the extension to your browser, and begin your setup.


Click on import wallet.
Use the 12 words from your gift paper wallet by its order (1. word, 2. word, 3.word…)

First, create your wallet password, we recommend a 16 string password with various special characters, numbers and capital letters.
It’s important to note that this password will only grant you access to the wallet locally.
This is not your secret backup phrase or private key.

After your password is set, you will be able to see your secret backup phrase.
We recommend never taking a screenshot, photo, or any other digital record of your secret backup phrase. If anyone were to gain access to this phrase, they will have full control of your wallet.
Write down the phrase on a piece of paper and store it safely.

After you verify your seed phrase on the next page, your wallet will officially be set up! We recommend pinning the Metamask extension to your browser if it isn’t already.

​Step 2: Add Binance Smart Chain to your wallet:

The next step is to add the Binance smart chain to your wallet.

By default, Metamask wallets link to the Ethereum Mainnet.

Navigate to the top of your wallet where your thumbnail is located to find the settings button. Click “networks” and “add network”.

Next, you’ll need to input the correct values for the Binance Smart Chain, seen below:

Network name: Binance Smart Chain
Chain ID: 56
Symbol: BNB

Step 3: Hold your tokens or swap them

You are now able to hold you tokens in your Metamask wallet, or sell them on Pancakeswap.

Go to Pancake swap is a leading decentralized exchange for the Binance smart chain.

Connect your MetaMask wallet in the top right corner.
You will need to allow authorization for Pancakeswap to interact with your wallet. Then, navigate to the trade tab and the exchange page.

You are now ready to swap your SANINU for other tokens.
In the ‘from’ tab, choose SANINU as your ‘from’ token. For the “To” tab, you can click the “select a currency” button and paste the SANINU token contract address. Again, please be sure you are using the correct smart contract address for SANINU.

After pasting the token contract address into the search bar, the SANINU token should pop up. You can then ‘import’ the token to Pancakeswap, and return it to the exchange page.

Now set your swap parameters and sell yourself some SANINU tokens!

If it is your first time trading SANINU tokens on Pancake swap, you will first have to enable the contract interaction with your wallet. Once you have enabled the contract in your wallet, you are free to swap.

If your transaction fails, it could be due to the slippage value. On the little settings tab (gear icon on the top right-hand side), you have the ability to change the “slippage” amount.

We recommend to set slippage to 9.99% and add decimals in amount of SANINU tokens.

Slippage refers to the expected percentage difference between quoted and executed token prices. The slippage will fluctuate depending on the token demand at any particular moment so if you have any questions feel free to reach out on one of our official channels.

Please, for any questions, concerns, or unknowns, we always suggest contacting us on one of our official channels. You can also visit Binance Academy for detailed walkthroughs, information, and short courses to help you learn all about the crypto-sphere.